Vibroacoustic Music Mat

music matMusic Therapy is the use of music and musical interventions in order to restore, maintain and improve emotional, physical, physiological and spiritual health and well-being. Music therapy can include singing, playing instruments, composition, moving to music, listening to music and music with imagery exercises.
Music has the distinct quality of being able to touch both the emotional and the physical parts of our being. It has been shown that there is a “mind-body link” between the emotional and physical. This means that certain emotional states are associated with certain physical conditions. By improving the emotional state, many times physical conditions are also improved. Music can help to improve emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being. Each person will respond differently.
We all have a tendency to use music for the background of other activities. Try developing the technique of just listening to the music, not doing anything else. This way, you will get the best benefit. Allow the music to reach your inner feeling, and respond freely to it. Everyone has a different manner of expression. You may experience visual images, thoughts, movements, an intensification of emotion, physical vibration, sleep or nothing at all.
Using Vibroacoustic equipment is an unforgettable experience. As soothing vibrations of music penetrate your body, you’ll feel relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated. Stress is reduced, tension is eased and energy flows. Our Vibroacoustic horizontal music mat has patented “floating” resonating chambers and multiple stereo speakers that permeate your whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations. You will be surrounded by resonating tones and engulfed in waves of sound. You can literally feel that you are a part of the music.
Vibroacoustic music equipment is a much more powerful way to achieve the mind/body connection than mechanical vibrations. Mechanical vibrating devices only work at one speed at a time. Vibroacoustics vibrate at many speeds simultaneously because their driving source is music. Each musical note played by instrument comprises several speeds of vibrations. With Vibroacoustics, you feel a variety of speeds of vibrations. In addition, as these vibrations move from speaker to speaker, you will experience a rippling sensation. Waves of vibrations will move throughout your body. The wonderful soothing vibrations relax tight muscles and stimulate circulation throughout the entire back, spine, and legs. This can have many personal and clinical benefits such as relief of muscle tension, deep relaxation, increased muscle tone and reduced stress. It can also promote inner peace and increase the quality of life.
We have a growing menu of music to experience. Some are designed to help you accomplish certain goals, some to calm your frazzled nerves after a stressful day, some are designed to transform your mood and some just for pure entertainment. When the music stops… enjoy the silence: it is suggested that you bask in the silence for a few moments.

We do have a library of music CDs  of relaxing music. Or you are welcome to bring your own. Just be aware, most relaxing music tends to not have a lot of bass, which is what you feel most on the mat.  Flutes, piano and nature sounds may not be the ultimate demonstration of the mat but may still provide you with a relaxing experience while you wait.

When two people want to float in the tank and want to come together, we schedule back to back appointments.  Then we also reserve the Music Mat in the Garden Room, free of charge, where you can relax and enjoy the mat while waiting for each other.

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