Guided Floating. What is Guided Floating?

The float tank is one of the most effective healing and self -improvement tools available today. The tank allows the body and mind to achieve balance and optimum health more effectively than any other forms of rest or meditation.

Guided Floating, can synchronize the body and mind toward self-healing and specific goal achievement.  These goals may be personal, professional, or career based topics.

A Few Conditions Known to be improved by Guided Floating :

  • Addiction                   • Anxiety  and Panic Attacks              • Chronic Pain
  •  Fibromyalgia            • Hyper Vigilance                                 • Hypertension
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)                                   • Rheumatism

Cognitive Function Known to be Improved by Guided Floating:

• Clarity                     • Creativity                     • Goal Achievement
• Focus                       • Problem Solving         • Sports performance
• Test Scores

Guided floating is when you work with a float “guide”.  A float guide should have extensive experience floating themselves, and should be trained to “guide or coach” by someone with experience of what results are possible when floating is used in this way.

It is our opinion that best results are obtained if you do two floats before starting a guided floating program.  Being familiar with the facility and the mechanics of floating such as, getting in and out of the tank, using ear plugs, figuring out what position is your most favorite relaxing position and getting accustomed to the state of being relaxed in the tank will make it easier to focus on the directions of the guide.

The float guide will probably want to start with a consultation.  The guide will ask what goals you would like to accomplish in the tank. This also will help both you and the guide be more comfortable with each other and more clear about the possible successes of the floats.

At that point the two of you would then set up a personalized plan for your goal achievement. Typically, you and the guide will commit to a minimum of guided floats he feels is necessary for you to start seeing results.

The guided float basically consists of the guide talking with you immediately preceding the float and giving you suggestions of what to be thinking about and how to direct your thoughts while floating.   The process often leads to engaging in visualization and generation of strong feelings, emotions, and mental imagery while in a state of profound relaxation within the float tank. The participant will experience productive mental content which may lead to a pre-determined conscious awakening, consciousness shift, increased creativity, improved focus, super speed learning, or pain management, depending on your goals.

After your float, your guide would then talk to you again to find out how your session went and what might have been accomplished so he knows how to guide you further on your next session.

Depending on how you and the guide feel you are progressing with your goals, it may be suggested that you increase your float sessions to 90 min instead of the typical hour.

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