Soothing Solutions Beginners Guide to Floating

1.What to do beclipboardfore you arrive:
Make an appointment. We will confirm with you the day before. We recommend that you reschedule if you have recently received any stitches, cuts, surgeries, tattoos, developed a severe rash or have done spray tanning or hair coloring within the previous five days. Avoid irritated skin by not waxing or shaving before arriving.  If you wear contact lenses we suggest you not wear them while floating.  For your convenience we do supply a case and solution for you to use if  you do not bring your own.
doorsign2.Arriving at Soothing Solutions:                                                   When you arrive you will be greeted with a cozy spa like atmosphere with a fireplace, aromatherapy, the trickle of water, candle light and soft music.

What sets us apart from other float centers is that we are owned and operated by a Holistic Practitioner with over seventeen years of floating experience. Our priority is to help you discover the amazing benefits and possibilities the tank has to offer. If this is your first float, it includes a detailed orientation and we will sit and chat about what floating is like, making sure any concerns or questions are answered. We will give you plenty of tips on how to have a great first float. Also, since we consider the first float a “practice” float,  your second session free.

float room3.Our Float Room:
The moment you step into the room you know you are in for the ultimate relaxing experience. As you close the door behind you, the glow of the room soothes your spirit. You are already forgetting about that stressful world you are about to leave behind you.

1209141230a4.Your Float:                                                                           With a mirrored vanity, ear plugs, towels and all amenities you might need at your fingertips, you put your earplugs in and take a brief shower. Naked as the day you were born, you open the door of the tank and step right from the shower into the tank. You slip into the silky warm solution where the quiet and darkness welcomes you to “float” into deep relaxation. The water, only 10 inches deep, with 800 lbs of dissolved Epsom salts, makes it impossible for you to sink. You just sit down on the bottom of the tank and slowly lay back as you feel the water gently lift you and cradle you into an almost weightless comfort. Try different positions. Enjoy the solitude and serenity. Become friends with the tank. Let your mind flow and ebb until its usual chatter subsides. It’s ok if you lose track of time, or even fall asleep.

clock5.When your time is up:                                                         When you hear soft music your time is done.  Relax. Don’t stress. The volume will increase until you are sure that it is time to exit the tank. Stretch, breathe deeply and bring yourself back into the real world. The water is the same temperature as your skin.  You are not likely to feel it as it runs towards your eyes.  As you sit up, push the salt solution back away from your face. Slowly open the door and step out as the world welcomes you back with a candle lit shower.

Tank Thoughts6.Reacclimating Yourself:                                                                  It may take a few moments to reacclimate yourself back to the hustle and bustle of life. Some say the world seems clearer and sharper.

We, and our guests, would love to hear about your experience. Before you leave, please stop to write something on the “Tank Thoughts Wall Scroll.”  A brief description, a sentence, one word summary or a sketch is always welcome.

Leave feeling tranquil, relaxed, refreshed and with a sense of spiritual wholeness that stays with you long after the float is through.

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