tank girl floatingAhhhhh… Floating!!  In a “Float Tank”…uh… “Isolation Tank” …um…no…  maybe a “Sensory Deprivation Tank”?  It’s bad enough that no one seems to agree on what floating is “for” or what the tank “does”…but believe it or not…it seems like no one can even agree on what it should be called!

If it was up to me, I would call it a “Solitude” tank, but to be honest, I don’t call it that because most of the world doesn’t even know what true “Solitude”  means.  So, I stick with the most common name for it: “Float Tank”.

If you have been surfing the web you are probably intrigued and confused.  You have probably seen a zillion kinds of float tanks.  Everything from expansive rooms, giant eggs that remind you of Mork from Ork, space pods with hydraulic doors, some sleek and modern…all the way to home made ones that are, quite frankly, kind of creepy, right?

Our goal is to erase your confusion, answer all of your questions, and address all of your concerns so that you can have the BEST first float ever!!

Here at Soothing Solutions we have a Samadhi Tank.

1209141230aMeet our Float Tank

It’s one of the roomiest tanks around.  For most people, once they get into the tank and see how roomy it is and how they can sit up and move around…that nagging little concern about being claustrophobic quickly gets left behind with the rest of the rat race.  Also gone is any concern about there being a weight/size limit for people going into the tank.  With some of those pod tanks, that can be a real issue.

Let me tell you..it is not a small feat to try to photo the inside of a float tank.  Unless you have photographic abilities, a good camera and some tricky lighting (which I don’t), you mostly just get reflections, making it hard to see what you are looking at.

So I have collected a few photos of the inside of Samadhi tanks just like mine.  Now, I don’t mean to break any copyright rules or anything, so if anyone out there is the owner of any of these photos and you would like me to give you credit or remove them, just let me know.

Some people get a little nervous about climbing into a dark tank so now let me show you photos of exactly what you would see if it wasn’t dark.

tank standing girlsamadhi 1samadhi 5




To find out  more about what to expect step by step, click       “Soothing Solutions Beginner’s Guide to Floating”     OR     Prices


When planning to schedule your float appointment please keep in mind to add a minimum of 1/2 hour to accommodate Before & after showers.  A “1st” float includes a 25 min. orientation.  So, a typical 1 hour float actually will be a min. of 1 1/2 hours (2 hours if it is a “1st” float)

We have only 1 tank.  If two people want to come together, please schedule back to back appointments.  We offer you the use of our “Garden Room” free of charge while you wait for each other.  There you can experience the “vibro-acoustic Music Mat where your body feels the frequencies of the relaxing music being played.  Back to back appointments for two people will equal 3 hours.  (3 1/2 if it is a 1st float with an orientation)