Colonic-What can you do about a toxic colon?

You can try different types of gradual processes…such as changing your diet to a cleansing diet over a period of several weeks, cleansing teas, juicing, cleansing herbs, or cleansing fasts..along with a lot of water and proper nutrition. Water is probably THE most essential element in the proper nutrition and in the cleansing process, aim for a minimum of two quarts up to a gallon per day while cleansing. These processes can take time. Anywhere from a few days, couple of weeks; or it could take months. This depends on your age, your health, diet and your life style. You will know when things are improving, your skin will look vibrant, eyes will look clearer, your digestion will improve and you will have more energy, and nagging aches and pains that have been around for years will likely disappear. You could feel mentally better too, clear-headed, and less jumpy. This is actually something you should make a permanent habit..not just during the cleanse. It can be helpful to combine different processes of detoxing the colon. There are many body cleansing programs designed to Detox the colon and the rest of your body. No matter which processes you choose, don’t get discouraged if you have a short period of time where you have “toxic reactions” before you feel the good results you are looking for. Once those toxins get loosened up and start moving around some of it can get absorbed back into the system before the body has had a chance to rid itself of the toxins.
A very quick and efficient way to loosen impacted feces, and wash away toxins and parasites is colon irrigation. Most people think of colon irrigation as a nightmarish or embarrassing experience. It is far from this and can be pleasant and relaxing. The worse part is thinking about it. It might seem new and embarrassing to you, but to the colon therapist it is an every day occurrence. Sometimes doing as many as 50 in a week.

At Soothing Solutions, not only do we have the reputation for being extremely gentle, we go out of our way to make sure your questions and concerns have been answered. Our system is a CLOSED system, which means all waste will be transported away through the hose, through a viewing tube and then directly down the drain. No mess, no smell. Most of the time our colon therapist will be the owner Gayle, who has over 15 years experience doing colonics. On a rare occasion it could be a trusted, reliable substitute therapist. During the procedure our colon therapists may ask you questions about your bathroom habits or diet to help you improve your health. You will find that our therapists keep a professional attitude while being friendly and welcoming. We keep your comfort and modesty in mind at all times and require that you practice modest behavior for the comfort of our therapists.
The general recommendation that you will get from most colon therapists, especially if you have never done them before or if it has been a very long time, would be to do a minimum of a series of 3 colonics within 2 weeks if possible. I have found many times people don’t need more than 2. Be aware that if you tend to be constipated for a length of time, we might suggest that you could use more than the three. But also know that if you do not eat meat or dairy or are a vegetarian there is a chance we will tell you we don’t believe you even need a second one. We will have a much better idea after doing the first session. Doing nothing more than an occasional colonic alone is a very beneficial thing. Combining colonics with other detoxing suggestions or therapies could result in an even more beneficial cleanse. This could be as simple as a few diet changes during the cleanse, a cleansing supplement, or a complete 12 week detox diet w supplements. Whether you are following suggestions from us, or from another practitioner, a colonic at the end of the cleansing ensures that nothing gets left behind and flushes the sides of the colon. If you are not going a MINIMUM of once a day, then start your cleanse with a colonic and end with a colonic. Cleansing programs can be of all different lengths. The longest ones I know of would be 12 weeks. In a case like that is when I might recommend a series of colonics. As the organs release toxins, they can get reabsorbed into the body. The quicker and more efficient your body can flush them the better!
You may want to think about doing a “colonic additive” with one or more of your colonic sessions. Anything that goes into your body through the rectum tends to be absorbed by the body quite quickly. This is one of the reasons that many medications used to be prescribed in suppository form. Colonic additives are supplements that are used in place of water, during a portion of the colonic. Additives have one of two purposes. One purpose would be to “loosen” up hard, lumpy stool that can be very stubborn and difficult to get moving out. An example of that type of additive would be “Castle Soap” which is a natural mild soap made from coconuts, commonly used in enemas. It helps loosen and break down stubborn hard feces. A second additive of this type would be organic virgin “Olive Oil”, this helps lubricate so that hard stubborn feces can slide out easier. It is quite common to use a combination of both of these, one right after the other especially when constipated or impacted.

The other purpose of an additive would be that the additive itself is beneficial for your health and we want the body to absorb as much of it as possible. The best examples of this type would be Acidophilus, and “Wheat Grass”. The chlorophyll in wheat grass is so amazingly beneficial that it has been called “liquid sunshine” for the body. It is so beneficial that it would actually be best to take it orally on a daily basis instead of just the “boost” you would get from it as a one time additive.
One additive in a category of it’s own is “Coffee”. Coffee usually does help achieve a better release, but the biggest value of coffee in the colonic is that it gets the liver and the gall bladder to dump the bile and toxins. With some people this release is so dramatic you can even see the bright yellow bile being released shortly after adding it to the colonic.
If you are interested in knowing more about the colonic additives just go to “Colonic Additives” for more detailed information.