About US

Soothing Solutions takes a simple, natural, Holistic approach whenever possible.

For many many years my mother believed in the idea of “natural” healing.  In those days we didn’t have much more than the kind of dark, kind of dusty library and Prevention Magazine.  I guess watching her achieve some success with her natural home remedies planted the seed.  Over the years I occasionally would try a natural remedy or an herbal supplement.    Sometimes with great success, other times, not so much.  But at least it left me open minded enough to try different things and work my way through the maze of alternative possibilities.

By the time my daughter was just in elementary school, little did I know that the things I had discovered were just the tip of the ice burg of what the alternative and Holistic world had to offer.  She had pain in her bladder.  The docs just kept giving her anti-biotics time after time.  As time went on the “episodes” of pain would get closer and closer together and more intense, and they didn’t seem to have much help for her.  After years of going from Doctor to Doctor and specialist to specialist and even a world renown Naturopath in LaJolla for another year, we finally thought maybe there was nothing else to be done.  At this point she couldn’t make it through a semester of school and had NO social life since that would require her to be away from a HOT bath, the only thing that would relieve the pain should she need it.  TWELVE YEARS…we were exhausted.

We were actually in the process of putting her on disability when we found what we call our “Natural” doctor, locally.  He told her, just do what I tell you for 12 weeks.  With proper nutrition, some herbal suppliments and a little Holistic help, he had her out of pain within 6 weeks.  At 8 weeks, she dropped the disability, found a job and was riding her bike back and forth to work.  by 10 weeks she was so amazed she decided she had to dedicate her career to trying to help people the way he had helped her.  She has now worked for him for over 9 years and has recently finished her last course for her Bachelors degree in Alternative medicine. In many of our quests, research and trainings we have become the “mother/daughter team”.  She is here helping when she can, usually Fridays and Saturdays.

The things we embrace in our quest for a solution have become a way of life for us, and now a window of opportunity for you.

Soothing Solutions has evolved and is continuing to evolve as we continue researching, experimenting, embracing or dismissing different modalities, techniques and products.  Some we have incorporated into our services, some are planned for future growth, some we would love to share with you that you can try for yourself.

Talk to us and ask questions. We want to help you find the right path to your own solutions for health and life itself.