About Us

Hi. My name is Gayle Batt. I am the founder of Soothing Solutions and have been a Holistic Practitoner since 1999. Soothing Solutions takes a simple, natural, Holistic approach to health and wellness whenever possible.

My mother believed in the concept of “natural healing.” When I was growing up, sources for information on this subject were basically limited to what you could find in the dark, kind of dusty libraries, and “Prevention Magazine.”

Watching her achieve some success over time with her natural home remedies planted the seeds for me. Through the years, I occasionally would try a natural remedy or an herbal supplement–sometimes with great success, other times, not so much. But it opened my mind to some amazing alternatives. It inspired me to try different things and work my way through the maze of alternative health and wellness possibilities.

When my daughter was still quite young it became clear to me that those seeds that were planted so long ago were going to be put to good use. The things I had learned through my mother were just the “tip of the ice berg” of what the Alternative and Holistic world had to offer.

My daughter had pain in her bladder. The doctors prescribed her anti-biotics time after time. As she grew older, the episodes of pain would increase in frequency and intensity. All of the tests and ultra-sounds showed nothing wrong. The drugs and treatments they prescribed did not seem to be of much help at all. After years of going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist–and even to a world-renowned Naturopath in La Jolla, CA for another year, we feared the possible reality that there would be no relief for her.

She was at a point where she could not make it through a whole semester at school. And a social life was out of the question, since that would require her to be away from a hot bath, should she need it. It was the only sanctuary that offered her temporary respite from the constant pain.

It was a long twelve years of all pain and no gain. We were both exhausted.

We were actually in the process of putting her on disability when we found what we call our “Natural” doctor, who was only about twenty minutes away.   He told her, “Just try doing what I tell you for twelve weeks.” After a detox diet, a move towards proper nutrition, some herbal supplements, and a little Holistic help, he had her pain-free within six weeks. After eight weeks, we discontinued the disability filing.

She found a job and was riding her bicycle back and forth to work. At ten weeks she was so amazed with the results she decided to dedicate herself to a career which might help others in the way this “Natural” doctor had helped her.

She has now worked for him for over ten years and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine.

Through our continuing quests, research, and training, we have evolved into the “mother/daughter team.” She still assists me in the office, when she can.

Many of the discoveries we found in our quest for a solution for her pain have become a way of life for us. And at Soothing Solutions, the results of our quest can now be an opportunity for you.

Soothing Solutions has evolved, and continues to evolve as we go about the task of researching, experimenting, embracing, or dismissing different modalities, techniques and products. Some, we have incorporated into our services; some are planned for future growth, and we would love to share some others with you, which you may be inclined to try on your own.

Talk to us. Feel free to ask us questions. It is our goal at Soothing Solutions to assist you in discovering the right path to your own solutions for better health and possibly, a new look on life itself.