Your “Boutique” Float and Wellness Center here in Burbank since 1999

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You might wonder why we call ourselves “The Boutique” Float and Wellness Center”.  What sets us apart from other centers?  Soothing Solutions is owned and operated by A Holistic practitioner with more than 16 years experience of guiding others to self healing and how to have the best, most amazing first floats possible.

When you arrive at Soothing Solutions, you will be greeted with a cozy spa like atmosphere of a fireplace, aromatherapy, the trickle of water fountain, candle light and soft music.

If this is your first time at Soothing Solutions we start with a brief chat  about the service you have come for. This allows you to share your purpose for doing the service and gives you a chance address any concerns you may have or to ask questions.

There are 2 other things that sets us apart as your “Boutique Float Center”.  One is, your first float includes a 30 minute detailed orientation free of charge.  We will chat about what floating is like, giving you plenty of tips on how to have a great first float.  Also, since we consider the 1st float a practice float, we give you your second session free!

Soothing Solution’s unique services take a simple, somewhat holistic approach & concentrates on detoxifying and de-stressing you to help your body function the way nature intended. When we reduced toxins in our body, organs function more efficiently and we feel healthier and  lighter.  When we give our mind and spirit moments of true relaxation and a taste of solitude, not only do our bodies stop producing stress hormones and start producing endorphins, but we may start to have a better understanding of not only our deeper selves, but how we fit into this crazy world and the Universe around us.  This can make us feel more confident, energetic, and more alive!!

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